Rule Must Read Before Selling Or Buying.

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Jun 14, 2020

Hello, Dear ❣

My Name is Okoma Victor.
Welcome and thanks for being part of the QuiryMe Forum.

🙏 Please read the rules completely before buying and selling.💎

Physical Product

As a seller, before posting a physical product for sale on QuiryMe Forum, you have to make sure you are selling to your city alone, selling outside your city is strictly prohibited on QuiryMe Forum. Affiliate products from Jumia, Konga, eBay, etc, are accepted on QuiryMe Forum.

Each product must be described in full detail, like the product condition, the full name, the make, and more, else the product would not be approved by the QuiryMe Forum Moderators.

And if you are a buyer, make sure you meet with the seller in person at a public place and check the item carefully before making payment.

Never try to pay for a product online or by bank transfer unless you have received the product. This would help you avoid scams.

Digital Products

If you are selling a digital product, like Video, eBooks, software, Audio & Music, Photography, Graphics & Digital Art, Document, Courses, Ticket, Fonts, or web-based application. Make sure you are selling with a product link.

To sell digital products on QuiryMe Forum, you need to upload the product on your own website and past the link on the QuiryMe Forum using the link editor and giving your link a title. eg "Buy Now" and click insert.

You can also create a product page on Paystack if you are in Nigeria or if Paystack works in your country. 👉 See the thread on how to create a product page on Paystack and sell your digital product.

If you are wondering about other places you can upload your digital product for free and sell on QuiryMe Forum, then the Evanto Market, Udemy, and PDF Drive are the best places.

Evanto Market: On the Evanto market, you can upload Sound effects, Video templates, Stock videos, Fonts, Graphics, Photos, and Music. create an account and upload your product for sale, copy the link, and past it on the QuiryMe Forum using the link editor. Go To Evanto Market.

Udemy: Udemy allows you to sell your video tutorials online you can upload your video tutorials and past the link to your product on QuiryMe Forum using the link editor. 👉 Go to Udemy.

PDF Drive:
PDF Drive is an eBook marketplace where you can give free eBooks and sell Premium eBooks too, you can upload your eBook on PDF Drive and past the link on QuiryMe using the link editor. Go to PDF Drive.

You can sell your own digital products or affiliate products on QuiryMe Forum too.

If you are found posting a spammy product outside your location or without proper product link, the product would be removed and you would be warned.

If you are warned more than 3 times, your account would be banned for 1 month.

You can continue here
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